Installing CentOS7 on VirtualBox by Vagrant

1. Introduction

I will show how I installed CentOS7 on VirtualBox by Vagrant. Vagrant is a software which help us to easy install os on virtualbox. For install of VirtualBox, refer to [1]. This blog is based on [2].

2. Preliminalies

My host os is CentOS7.

3. Proceure

3.1 Install Vagrant

(1) Download a installer.


(2) Install from the above installer.

sudo yum localinstall ./vagrant_2.2.18_x86_64.rpm

(3) Check whether install succeed or not

vagrant --version

3.2 Install CentOS7 on VirtualBox

(1) Create a directory in which a configuration file is.

mkdir ~/vagrant-centos-7
cd ~/vagrant-centos-7

(2) Create a box of CentOS7. Box looks like template of a virtual machine.

vagrant box add centos/7

(3) Create a vagrantfile. Vagrantfile is a configuration file of virtual machine.

vagrant init centos/7

(4) Run a virtual machine.

vagrant up

3.3 Useful commands

(1) Connect to virtual machine.

vagrant ssh

(2) Stop virtual machine.

vagrant halt

(3) Delete box.

vagrant destroy

4. References

[1] Installing VirtualBox on CentOS7

[2] Vagrant, Getting Started

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